Cursuri Oficiale Microsoft Dynamics( MOC )

Cursuri Oficiale Microsoft Dynamics ( MOC )

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Model Diploma de Absolvire

Information workers, IT Professionals and Developers

CodDescriereDurataPret (fara TVA)Examen aferentData urmatorului curs
MOC 55242AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration24 oreN/AN/A

IT Professionals

CodDescriereDurataPret (fara TVA)Examen aferentData urmatorului curs
MOC 55169AInstalling and Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 201516 oreN/AN/A

IT Professionals

CodDescriereDurataPret (fara TVA)Examen aferentData urmatorului curs
Microsoft Dynamics 36540 ore1.200 EuroN/AN/A
Agenda curs MOC 55242A: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Initial Setup and Configuration

Module 3: Security

Module 4: Creating and Managing Entities

Module 5: Customizing Fields

Module 6: Customizing Relationships and Mappings

Module 7: Customizing Forms, Views and Visualizations

Module 8: Processes: Workflows, Business Process Flows and Custom Actions

Module 9: Solution Management

Agenda curs MOC 55169A: Installing and Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 1: System and Software requirements for Installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 2: Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Server

Module 3: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Reporting Extensions

Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Deployment Manager

Module 5: Upgrading CRM 2011/13 to Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 6: Email Management

Module 7: Installing and Managing Microsoft CRM Client for Office Outlook

Module 8: Configuring Internet Facing Deployment

Module 9: Maintaining a Dynamics CRM 2015 Deployment

Agenda curs Microsoft Dynamics 365

Day 1 – APIs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 service architecture

Data modeling and core Dynamics Entities

Microsoft Common Data Model and Dynamics data model, overlaps/evolution

Representational state transfer (REST) and Open Data Protocol (OData) with Web API

Web API endpoint

Query APIs: QueryExpression, FetchXML, language-integrated query (LINQ), and SQL

Client connection patterns

Metadata API

Event logging and reporting

Exercise: practice search techniques with a REST client with Dynamics WebAPI and metadata API


Day 2 – Integrations

Integration architectures

Client connection patterns

Authentication protocols and connection patterns, 365 Azure AD

The role of plugins, workflow, and actions

Organization and environment optimizations

Integration governance, limits, best-practices

Asyncronous integration patterns in/out and use of webhooks

Azure touch-points and extensions (Logic Apps, Service Bus, Events)

Batch vs Real time processing for CRUD operations

File based integration, attachments management

Connectivity options to Power BI, HANA

Exercise: Dynamics webbook exercise?


Day 3 – Data & Tools

Anatomy of a data migration

Executing lean service requests

Sequential vs. parallel operations

Mitigating network latency

Generating unique IDs, foreign keys

Master Data import

Out of the Box Data Import and Export Tools

Available third-party technologies

Data Integration – SSIS, SSAS and ETL

Data Testing approaches

Dynamics Data Replication/Streaming

Data extraction Full loads/Delta loads

Exercise: test a data import and data export using standard tools


Day 4 – Build a .NET integration

.NET programming model overview

Visual Studio and Dynamics development pre-requirements, setup development environment

Exercise: build a .NET class that consumes an REST web-service (e.g. call Dynamics WebApi for a check). Compile & Debug.


Day 5 – Extending Dynamics

Extending Dynamics with custom solutions, deployment

Exercise: package, build and deploy the .NET class inside a Dynamics solution. Extend Dynamics Opportunity: add a new label on the form that will display the result of web-service callout. Troubleshoot, monitor