Curs MOC 40373A: Mobile Development Fundamentals

Curs MOC 40373A: Mobile Development Fundamentals

Durata: 24 ore/3 zile;

Program: 09.00-17.00.

Pret de lista: 490 Euro/pers. + TVA.

Pretul include: suportul de curs in format electroni, masa de pranz la restaurant, coffee break si diploma Microsoft recunoscuta international.

Programa oficiala curs Microsoft:

Module 1: Understanding Mobile Devices, Interactions, and Tools

Module 2: Working in a Mobile App Development Environment

Module 3: Exploring Networked Data and Data Stores

Module 4: Exploring Mobile Device Networking

Module 5: Understanding Silverlight and Mobile Code

Module 6: Understanding Mobile App Development Concepts and Working with APIs

Module 7: Using Mobile Device Controls and Creating User Interfaces

Module 8: Testing, Debugging, and Deploying a Mobile App