Curs Mobile Development Fundamentals Android

Curs Mobile Development Fundamentals Android

Durata: 40 ore/5 zile;

Pret de lista:699 Euro/pers. + TVA


Programa curs:

Day 1: getting to know Android Studio, SDK Manager, Activities, Android Manifest, Basic UI Controls and Layouts – creating a minimal Application with a Drawer Menu

Day 2: Fragments, ListViews, RecyclerViews, Adaptors, Dialogs – Extending Day1’s application

Day 3: Data storage – intro to SQLite, Using local resources, SharedPreferences, Using External APIs, Location services

Day 4:  Network communication, Multithreading, Services, BroadcastReceiver, Notifications with GCM

Day 5:  Usefull design patterns applied in Android – Singleton, MVC, MVP, Integrating and using SDKs, best practices, tools and architectures, publishing in Google Play